Still Empty, Still Hoping

I’m not the kind of guy that can feel good about not doing anything. Sure, I can be really lazy and relax a lot, but if I know that I can’t do anything, I feel awful. Empty on the inside. That’s how I’ve felt over the past couple of days. Empty. I’ve been hopeful though; I stream on the regular, I look for jobs and apply, I play Siege a lot better than I have in awhile, etc. There’s lots of things to be happy about.

Recently, I had a thought: self-reads on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing may have been removed, but normal reads must be okay, right? So I did an experiment. I logged onto my wife’s Amazon and bought one of my newer books. I read through it on Kindle for PC and then waited to see the results. Sure enough, after a day of waiting, I saw a delightful raise in my Book Report. So there’s the solution. I canceled my Kindle Unlimited plan on my account, and activated it on my wife’s. Now I can continue what I do.

I know now that this is temporary. So I aim to make the most of it. I will work my hardest to make a decent amount before something like this happens again. Then I will take that amount and invest into real estate or my own business. I haven’t decided yet. My mom says I should open a coffee shop in Berlin. I liked the idea, but I need the money to do so. Dad wants me to buy a house and property for cheap, renovate it and rent it out to make a residual income. I like that idea. I’ve wanted to get into real estate for a while now.

There was only one problem with all of this: my wife’s laptop sucks. “But, wait,” I can hear you saying, “why are you using your wife’s laptop? Use your Mac, like you have been.” Well, I can’t. I traded it. I was actually trying to sell it at first. It’s a late 2011 MacBook Pro 13″ running an Intel i5 2.4 ghz Core Processor. I was super proud because I had the hard drive upgraded to a 1 TB drive. Anyway, I traded it for an iPhone 7 128 GB. I figured that that’s easier to sell. Why am I selling my stuff? To buy a gaming PC of course! I figure I can build a decent PC with the money I get from my iPhone and some I throw in from my next check. Then I can work on a faster, more reliable computer and game professionally.

So what am I using for the time being? My wife announced that she’d be working from home as well. So I did what any supportive husband would do. I bought her a $600 PC. An HP Pavilion. It’s actually really nice, and I’m actually enjoying the time I have with it. It should be able to handle most of what I need to do until I get my PC. I use some scripting, programming and macro oriented software. All of which my wife’s $200 laptop can’t manage, but this PC takes it like a champ.

So. I guess you could say I’m ready for what comes next. I know that God will take care of me. I know that we’ll be okay. So I’m ready. Bring it on world!

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