A Sunday Afternoon, A Short Entry

Well, I am officially done with Amazon. I cannot do anything with them anymore to make any sort of income. Done. So, moving on.

My recent activities have been looking for an income and designing my first PC. I’m going to build my own PC to use for work and gaming, (the beauty is, since I’m putting it in my office and using it for work, I can write it off for taxes next year.) I haven’t streamed as much as I should and I haven’t found anything promising. I’ve actually decided to look for some work in freelance writing. I’ve been writing short stories and novels since elementary school, I figure I can make a little money off of it. Besides that, nothing much has happened. I got my final “good” paycheck from Amazon. The next two will be pocket change.

It’s times like these I really wish I could’ve enlisted. It’s been my dream to enlist with the Navy SEALs since I was really young. There was a lot of confusion with this because my wife, girlfriend at the time, didn’t want me to. She eventually recognized how much it meant to me though, and gave me her support in the matter. So I contacted my local recruiter and got the process started. I started working out, I studied, I spent my spare time researching what I’d be doing in SEALs training. I took my test and got something like 82-85. My recruiter was impressed. He called me after I passed and told me that soon I’d come down to Columbus, OH and be looked over to see if I was physically capable and then I’d be sworn in. However, that never happened. I answered my pre-screen questions as honestly as I could. That meant I admitted to the scars on my arms and the depression I carried as a young teen. I received an immediate “no” and was told I’d never be able to serve.

Dream: crushed.

It really got to me for the longest time, but I got over it. I learned there’s always something else. There’s always another option. I guess I just haven’t found it yet.

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