It’s Been Awhile…

Well. It has definitely been an adventure. Obviously, an apology is necessary since I haven’t written a blog in several weeks. Shame on me! I am very sorry that I have kept you all waiting. The truth is: I couldn’t write a blog. I was literally physically unable. Why? I had a baby!

Okay, well, my wife had a baby. Let me tell you though, I couldn’t be prouder! She is healthy, wonderful and so full of poop! No, literally. She poops a lot. Our time is mostly filled with cleaning diapers. It has been a little stressful, of course, but it isn’t as bad as all my family and friends have been saying. It’s a joy to take care of my daughter. She’s so much fun to be around, even if she can’t properly communicate on our level.

So what’s her name? Well, that’s actually a funny story. Before we were even married, we had wanted a daughter named Clarissa Jolene. We had kept that idea up until the last two months of the pregnancy. I had mentioned to my wife that we should reconsider and open our options. She agreed, and the great name hunt began. We went to great lengths to find a name suitable for our most precious daughter. We even made a special trip to the library to look through several books of baby names. We found a LOT that we liked. I had a list of about 100 names that I thought were beautiful, exotic and intelligent. She had twenty.

Eventually it came between two names. We had already decided to giver her the middle name Nicole. I love the name Nicole, and had decided on that as a first name initially. My wife, however, told me that she didn’t like it as a first name, and if I wanted to use it, it’d have to be a middle name. I agreed, and chose a new name. I wanted to name her Ela, after the GROM counter-terrorist operator Elżbieta Bosak. I think it’s a beautiful name, and it sounds strong and clever. My wife, however, wanted the Hebrew name Eliza. Which is also beautiful, but I wasn’t entirely committed to it. She didn’t quite like Ela, either. So we compromised.

Her name is Emelia Nicole. I love it. My wife loves it. It’s a Latin name that means “to be industrious, striving.” I think it fits our baby well, since we have dreams and hopes to help our little Emelia to strive in this world.

So there you have it. My past couple weeks have been filled with changing diapers and cuddling with my daughter, among my streams and looking for a job. Ah! Something else to mention before I close off, I have found a job! I will start work on trim crew next Thursday. I’m quite excited. There is much opportunity in it, however I don’t want to get into too much detail. Basically the work is outfitting houses with woodwork after the framing and walling are finished. I’m excited to learn and start earning an income for my family.

To close off, things are going well.

Also, a picture of my dear Emelia will be included for everyone to aww over. Isn’t she cute?! And of course, she is wearing a cute, pink fox coat. 🙂


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